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Articles by Dr. Tom Tweeten
Dr. Tom Tweeten, a horse owner and trainer, developed his first horse product, Coat Enhancer, in 1994. His frustration with human care products adapted for horse use, with products that make the horse coat feel oily or like plastic, and with products that use synthetic fragrances lead him to start working on this inital product.  He introduced the Coat Enhancer at Equitanna in Louisville in 1996.

Utilizing his professional experience in chemistry and nutrition, he set out to define, then develop a line of products that would help maintain the coat’s natural shine and at the same time help reduce skin irritations causing itching and rubbing. As a competitor, he wanted products that would enhance the horse’s appearance, shortening preparation time for showing or just going for a trail ride.

It was important to have products that could be left on the horse without leaving the hair dry, attracting dust, or feeling slick, oily, or waxy over time. His knowledge of ingredients along with advice from veterinarians and aroma therapists, helped in achieving the results he was seeking.